Benefits of Random Drug Testing in the Workplace

Pre-employment drug screening is a good way to separate those who use drugs from nonusers initially, but the best way to eliminate drug use amongst your workers (or work towards it) is random drug testing. Random drug testing discourages use during employment, rather than just before an employee is hired. If creating a Drug Free Workplace sounds like something you might want to do, read up on the benefits of random drug testing in the workplace.

Benefits of Random Drug Testing in the Workplace

Create a safer workplace.
If your work environment includes any tools or equipment that could be dangerous, an employee who uses drugs makes that risk factor rise—especially if they’re using on the job. Random drug screening will ensure employees are not under the influence and are capable of handling this kind of equipment, creating a safer environment for everyone.

Create a healthier workplace.
With drugs come a number of health risks. Educating your employees on these risks and randomly screening for drug use will make for healthier individuals at your office. This perk really benefits the employees’ lives even out of the workplace—they understand the risk behind use (even recreational use), and they can enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Create a more stable workplace.
Drug use can lead to a decrease in productivity at work, tardiness, absenteeism, and a higher turnover rate for employment according to a study from the The Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice. Randomly screening in your workplace can help eliminate these problems, leaving you with more consistent, effective employees.

Employers also have to think about the worst-case scenario. Depending on the drug, the user, and other factors, casual use can become a drug problem. When an employer takes preventative action by implementing a drug free workplace program, the employees, both individually and as a whole, will be able to decrease or avoid major drug-related incidents.

Save money.
Eliminating many of the problems listed above—decreased productivity, high turnover rates—will help your company save money. But additionally, if you choose to test with Employee Screening Services, you will save the high expense of sending your employees individually to a clinic. We will come to you!

It’s easier than you think!
Random drug testing with Employee Screening Services takes the hassle out of the process. We can help educate your management team and employees on the entire testing procedure, including legal compliance, the making of a drug testing policy (and agreement to), and what the screening itself is like. Again, you will save money by having us come to you. And you won’t have to wait long—we can handle short notice screenings!


Are you considering screening your employees for drugs or alcohol—randomly or otherwise? If you live near one of our locations in Springfield, St. Louis, Sedalia, Lebanon, or Kansas City, Missouri, consider hiring Employee Screening Services to take care of your needs. We offer different types of screenings, a multitude of tests, and we’re committed to ensuring you remain compliant through the process—we even offer educational programs. We’ll work on your testing policy with you and help execute it simply, without the expenses of sending employees to a clinic. If you’re interested, give us a call today at 1-888-379-7697, or visit our website at