More About Tomo

Employee Screening Services of Missouri (DBA Tomo Drug Testing) is a professional full-service drug and alcohol testing service for:

  • Employee screening
  • Court-ordered drug testing
  • Family and Children’s Services
  • Probation and Parole and Treatment Court.
  • Additional services such as DNA testing and legal paternity testing

Over 30 Years of Service

Operating since 1991, Tomo provides C-SAPA, FMCSA and DOT certified trainers. Services are provided on-site at the agency/client’s locations through an extensive network of clinic locations using FDA-clearred drug-testing devices. Tomo also offers a Medical Review Officer (MRO) through our physician partnership.

Tomo’s Unique Strengths

Over 250,000 tests annually

Accurate, reliable, and confidential testing program

Exceptional customer service as monitored weekly.

Quarterly client experience interviews

Quality control reviewed continuously

Many top-level employees have worked in community corrections system for 30+ years

More About Tomo