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Tomo’s extensive experience in drug and alcohol testing provides unique insight into tailoring solutions based on needs and requirements.

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Instant Urine Drug Screening

Instant urine drug screening is an effective deterrent and prevention tool of drug misuse and can be part of a comprehensive testing program. However, designing the right program needs to evaluate several factors, including testing location, implementation, and drug test panel to use. A panel drug test will vary based on industry and laws surrounding it, corporate policies and culture, and trends.

What are Common Instant Urine Drug Panels?

The term “panel” refers to a drug or family of drugs included in a drug test. For example, the panel “opiates” include morphine, codeine, and heroin. The more panels a test includes, the greater the scope of the test. Drug panels can be completely tailored, but many tend to ask about the standard tests: 5-panel, 10-panel, and 12-panel instant urine tests. Generally, a standard 5-panel urine drug test is a suitable choice. However, if you are concerned about the abuse of prescription drugs and painkillers, you may need to choose a more extensive test.

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Standard Tests

Tomo offers a multitude of tests, including a 5-panel, 10-panel, 12-panel, and more. We save your organization time and money by bringing technicians and supplies to you.  Whether you’re testing a group of students, applicants, or screening current employees, Tomo creates a testing program that works for you.

We can schedule large onsite testing sessions with very short notice, and our nationwide network of technicians is available 24/7.

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