Drug Testing Policies

Tomo has partnered with Current Consulting Group, the experts in policy writing and drug testing consulting, to provide Tomo clients with comprehensive, compliant, and customized  drug testing policies.

For more information about how to update your Drug Testing Policy or start a new Policy, contact your Account Manager or
email: policy@yourdrugtesting.com

Tomo provides effective policies for your drug and alcohol testing program

A drug testing policy is essential to an effective drug and alcohol testing program. The policy should thoroughly outline the details of the drug and alcohol testing program, including, under what circumstances drug testing is conducted, what drugs will be tested for and the consequences of violating the policy.

Not all policies are created equal. A successful, and more importantly a policy that clearly explains the company's drug testing program and will stand-up in court should be drafted by professionals with experience in drug and alcohol testing.  As your drug and alcohol testing provider, Tomo will ensure your testing program meets the objectives and requirements of your policy.

A policy from Current Consulting Group will be:  

  • Specialized to your company’s objectives
  • Compliant in all required states
  • Guaranteed compliant for one-year should drug or alcohol testing or legalization laws change
  • Affordable compared to expensive law firms

Why is a drug testing policy important?

As an employer you have the responsibility to inform your employees and applicants of your drug alcohol policy, including frequency of testing, conditions for testing, drugs being tested for and the consequences of violating the policy. A well-written drug and alcohol policy should establish a company's commitment to a safe and productive work environment as well as clearly outline the circumstances an employee or applicant is subject to drug and alcohol testing.

Policy Options

  • Fully customized DOT policy
  • Fully customized Non-DOT policy
  • DOT FMCSA Template policy
  • Annual Compliance Guarantee program