Virtual Oral Fluid Collections

Tomo Drug Testing is pleased to introduce virtual oral fluid collections, a simple, non-invasive testing solution that offers client and donor-centered convenience.

How does a Virtual Collection work?

• Collection kits are shipped directly to the client or donor’s location.

• Using our online scheduling portal allows for convenient and efficient testing times while reducing onsite trip fees.

• Once the 20-minute online appointment is set, the donor will log-on to the secure video chat portal and follow the instructions provided by the certified Tomo collector.

• When the collection is complete the donor will package up the specimen and use the pre-printed label to send it to the lab via the postal service.

Why choose Virtual Oral Fluid Collections?

Virtual Oral Fluid Collections are:
• Simple
• Non-invasive
• Fully observed
• Available for both lab-based and instant collections

Virtual Oral Fluid Collections are great:
• As an alternative to lengthy clinic wait times
• For clients in rural areas
• For remote workers

Virtual Oral Fluid Collections are now available for non-DOT testing.