Student Testing

Tomo offers convenient, confidential, and complete student drug testing programs to schools in Indiana, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.  Random drug testing of students in middle school, junior high school and high school can play a crucial role in the prevention of casual drug use or identify a more serious substance abuse problem earlier.  Tomo offers a variety of drug tests to meet the needs of your school and students.

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Why choose Tomo for student testing?

  • Trained drug collectors
  • Strict quality guidelines
  • Complete program and student confidentiality
  • Accurate and reliable results
  • Customized programs to fit your school's needs

How can random drug testing benefit schools?



Student drug testing can help encourage a safe, healthy, and drug-free culture at school.


Identification and Treatment

Random drug testing can help schools identify students using and abusing drugs early and refer them to treatment programs, setting them on a path toward recovery.



Teenagers are at higher risk when it comes to the effects of drugs and alcohol. A teenage brain is not fully developed until age 25, and substance misuse can jeopardize this process in several ways, both long-term and short-term.



Student drug testing can dissuade students from participating when presented with the opportunity to use. During moments of peer pressure, this can be invaluable, as it shifts blame away from the student and provides a concrete reason for a teen to refuse drugs.

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