On-Site Drug and Alcohol Testing

Tomo Drug Testing is dedicated to enhancing job site safety and operational integrity in high-stakes environments. With decades of expertise, our mission is to safeguard the well-being and productivity of all personnel through precise and reliable drug and alcohol testing services.

Specializing in on-site testing during critical periods such as Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages, Tomo provides comprehensive testing solutions that ensure a drug-free workplace. Our services include alcohol gate-screening, per shift random pulls, and meticulous compliance reports. As a DISA collection provider, we manage the complexities of program management with expertise, ensuring that every aspect of safety compliance is covered.

Tomo is not just a testing provider but a partner in your safety management team. Our expert resources are available 24/7, offering you seamless support whenever you need it. We pride ourselves on being “Your #1 partner in safety”, dedicated to collaborative, outcome-driven solutions that protect and value the lives of your workers.

Icons of our Large Project Services