How Tomo Helps Create a Drug-Free Workplace

At Tomo Drug Testing, we work in collaboration with companies and organizations to create testing programs that encourage a safe and drug-free workplace.

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Working with Tomo for a drug-free workplace ensures:

  • Accurate, reliable, and confidential testing programs
  • Certified collectors and trained technicians
  • Implementation of strict quality guidelines
  • Tomo can bring testing to you, reducing employee downtime, travel time, expenses, and liability
  • Management of random scheduling process

The role of a drug-free workplace

A drug-free workplace refers to an organization (business, government entity, school) where all designated employees and supervisors adhere to a policy designed to discourage the misuse and abuse of drugs and alcohol.

While there is no law requiring companies to have policies outside of Department of Transportation and other government agencies, employers may find drug-free workplaces beneficial. Doing so can help increase productivity, effectively identify employees struggling with misuse, and decrease employee absence.

How is a drug-free workplace implemented?

Many, and often all, employees at the organization are subject to testing, depending on the policy. For example, some organizations conduct annual testing of all employees, whereas others conduct periodic, unannounced random tests.

Working with Tomo, companies can customize their drug and alcohol testing programs to fit their needs. Some may choose to follow organizational structures such as the Department of Transportation for their programs, while others may tailor based on the community and area.

We understand that a safe and productive workplace relies on the integrity and accuracy of the drug and alcohol testing process, and we take this responsibility seriously.

To learn more about our drug and alcohol testing solutions for the workplace, please contact us today.