Tomo Works With You For Drug and Alcohol Testing Solutions

Tomo Drug and Alcohol Testing is your solution for tailored and convenient drug and alcohol testing programs. With over 25 years of experience, Tomo Drug and Alcohol Testing help companies and organizations create tailored drug testing programs to meet business needs and industry requirements.

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Common types of drug and alcohol testing solutions Tomo offers:

  1. Pre-employment testing: Occurs after a conditional offer of employment has been extended by an employer. Each state has its own laws regarding pre-employment drug screening, so it is vital to know your state’s specific regulations to ensure compliance.
  2. Reasonable suspicion testing (Probable Cause Testing): Implemented when supervisors have reasonable cause to suspect an employee of drug misuse. Tomo offers in-person and online reasonable suspicion training to help define drug policies and what types of behavior and signs justify the screening.
  3. Random testing: Performed unannounced, unpredictable on employees whose identifying information has been placed in a lottery-like testing pool and randomly selected. Tomo uses computer-generated selection to ensure that testing is random and each employee has an equal chance of being selected for testing.
  4. Return-to-Duty Testing:  A series of scheduled drug screens an employee undergoes in their substance misuse treatment plan to return to the workplace.  Return-to-Duty drug tests are performed after one of three incidents: a positive drug test result, the violation of a specific drug rule, or the violation of a specific alcohol rule.
  5. Follow-up Testing:  Implemented when employees previously test positive on a drug screen or have violated DOT or their company’s drug and alcohol policy.
  6. Post-accident Testing:  Performed after an employee has been involved in a workplace accident which includes fatalities, injuries that require a person to be removed from the scene for medical care, damage to vehicles or property exceeding a specified monetary amount, and citations by the police. Post-accident testing assists in determining if drugs and or alcohol were a factor in the workplace accident.
  7. Judicial Testing:  As a member of treatment court teams, our frequent and randomized tests ensure compliance. Our program is designed to maintain cost-effectiveness, reduce recidivism, and divert offenders from lengthy sentences.

Other types of drug and alcohol testing Tomo provides:

  • Voluntary
  • Probationary
  • Pre-promotion
  • Return post-illness